December 2017

ABB Vacuum Cast Coil transformers

Various parts of the Vacuum Cast Coil Dry Transformers from ABB are available as IFC, DWG and RFA files: the Vacuum Cast Coil 12KV and the Vacuum Cast Coil 24KV.

Select the article of your choosing and download the Vacuum Cast Coil transformers now in Revit and AutoCAD.

The Vacuum Cast Coil dry transformers from ABB are moisture-proof, suitable for operation in humid or heavily polluted environments. They are the ideal transformers for operation in environments with a humidity higher than 95 % as well as at temperatures down to -25 °C.

Content from Elco available

We'd like to introduce a new manufacturer on the MEPcontent portal: Elco. Elco is an established manufacturer offering innovations in burner, condensing boiler and solar technology.

A Revit family and DWG file for the Trigon XL boiler is made available. You can download the file directly into your Revit or AutoCAD project.

Webinar Export and Import Excel app - Thursday 7 Dec 15.00 - 15.30 PM CET!

Tomorrow, the 7th of December, is the date of our next webinar. This time we discuss the topic: How to work faster with Revit and Excel?

We will go into detail about the functionalities of the new Export and Import Excel app for Revit and talk about the various ways that it can help MEP designers work faster and more efficiently.

Sneak peak:
- Export data to an Excel file, make (bulk) changes and import data back into your Revit project
- Save and load templates of parameters

We try to frequently organize webinars because they give us the chance to get into direct contact with our community of app users. So whether you are already using the app, planning to or just want to learn new ways of working faster, then you should consider joining this webinar and giving us live feedback on the app.

Sign up for free here.

Download the Export and Import Excel app here.
November 2017

How is content generated? From PIM to BIM

Insights into the content factory: how does the MEPcontent team process product from manufacturers into 3D content for use in BIM projects? Read this article or watch the webinar to discover how the content factory works.

The MEPcontent team collaborates closely with leading manufacturers to guarantee actual and useful content for BIM projects. In an efficient workflow, product data from the manufacturer is transformed from PIM data to BIM data.

The road to BIM starts with PIM
The content creation starts with PIM, which is the product information management system for manufacturers. This where product data is stored. The data in this system is the source for all of the content in our BIM library. Either by supplying the MEPcontent team with data sheets or technical documentation of actual products, manufacturers provide the input for generating 3D content representing real products.

Match to BIM standards
After the MEPcontent team receives the manufacturer data, the data is matched to local standards such as ETIM, VDI, COBie and NL-SfB, depending on the country the content is meant for. Additionally, the data is matched to the EMCS, to ensure content that is easy to use, lightweight and contains the right information that engineers need in their projects.

Recreate the object in 3D
From the geometric data supplied by the manufacturers, which includes information about for instance diameters, lengths and connection types, the MEPcontent team creates a standard family. From this family, a 3D object is automatically generated which can be used in BIM-projects. This object can be created in various file formats such as RFA, IFC, PLS or DWG.

Testing and publishing
After content creation, the content is thoroughly tested and reviewed by the MEPcontent team. When the content has passed the testing phase, it is published in the MEPcontent library and ready to use. The BIM files can now be accessed through or via the MEPcontent browser, which engineers can access from within their design platforms. This way, engineers can design with actual 3D objects from leading manufacturers in their BIM projects, easy and for free.

Do you want to create BIM files for your products? Please contact our content team to find out more. Are you missing products on our platform? Let us know which manufacturers you miss by filling in this form, and we will contact the manufacturer.

BIM World Munich Nov 28 and 29 - meet us at stand 74-76

After a very successful premiere last year, BIM World MUNICH, the leading event for Building Information Modeling in the German-speaking DACH region, is returning in 2017. Held on November 28th and 29th in the ICM (Internationales Congress Centrum München), the exhibition is expected to attract more than 3000 visitors from 22 countries. Together with a two-days international conference and open forum for all visitors, over 100 exhibitors attending Germany’s biggest BIM fair will present the newest trends concerning the digitalization of the building industry.

Solutions for MEP engineers
Here you can also discover our innovative BIM solutions for the MEP industry: with Stabicad for Revit, MEPcontent and Revit Apps, engineers work quickly and easily in the BIM process. Meet our BIM experts at stand 74-76 and discover the right tools to support your complete BIM workflow: from design to detail with the right level of information for your construction partners. We look forward to meeting you!

Generic non-return valve added

A generic non-return valve is added in our library.

A non-return valve is fitted to ensure that a medium flows through a pipe in the right direction, where pressure conditions may otherwise cause reversed flow.
The flow through the non-return valve causes a relatively large pressure drop, which has to be taken into account when designing the system.

The generic non-return valve can be downloaded as RFA and DWG file.

Exchange Excel data and Revit data with one Revit app

Revit and Excel. Two tools you probably use on a daily basis. But sometimes it is hard to make them work together, forcing you to manually enter data into Revit and Excel. But that is something of the past. Did you know you can combine Revit and Excel in a way you could not do before?

We launched a new Revit app today to do just that. The Stabiplan Export and Import Excel app. Combine the functionalities of Revit and Excel with this powerful app. Download the Revit app to export data to an Excel file, make (bulk) changes and import data into your Revit project again, without any hassle. You can make a selection of data: select the whole project or just a selection of it, you decide.

Why would you as a busy MEP engineer, designer or modeler care? The app can save you a lot of time simply because you can update your model with Excel data in no-time. Or export data to Excel to share it with a project partner who might not have a Revit license.

Free trial
The Stabiplan Export and Import Excel app can be downloaded on Get access to this app which will save you a lot of time and helps you in your project collaboration with partners outside your firm.

BIM Insights Session Nov 16th 2 pm ECT – Product Line Placer for Piping and nodesolver functionality

Next Thursday, November 16th, another BIM Insights Session is hosted by the MEPcontent webinar team. The topic of this session: How to work with the Product Line Placer for Piping in Revit and solve nodes created by custom fittings.

The SANHA Product Line Placer and MEPcontent Product Line Placer for Piping will be featured including a new functionality, the nodesolver.

The nodesolver helps you identify nodes in Revit and provides you with possible solutions to choose from. A great way to replace custom fittings to complete your system with actual existing manufacturer specific products.

Sign up for this webinar now

What content is offered on MEPcontent?

In the construction industry the role of digital 3D content is getting more and more important, as content is used at the start of almost every construction project. If the content used in a project is not correct, this will impact the quality, the calculations and the eventual realization of the project. To ensure engineers work with high quality project content, MEPcontent offers more than 500,000 3D objects in different file types.

What content types are there?
The objects on MEPcontent are offered in different file types, namely IFC, DWG, RFA and PLS. RFA files can be used in Revit, DWG in AutoCAD and IFC is a platform-independent file type, which can be used to exchange information between different parties working on different design platforms. The PLS is a file type which is particularly useful in BIM projects. PLS stands for Product Line Sheet and is actually an Excel sheet with data that can be used as a source for generating BIM content, for example for apps. The Product Line Sheet is filled with parametric information about the geometrical model. It’s lightweight, fast and therefore easy to use in BIM-projects, while still providing a realistic representation of the product with the right connectors and information that is valuable to MEP engineers.

Quality guaranteed with EMCS
Regardless of the file type, the quality of the content is guaranteed by the EMCS: the European MEP Content Standard. This ensures that the data attached to 3D-content is correct and in line with the engineers expectations and needs. The EMCS helps the engineer and the manufacturer to see how the content is being built, what kind of information is attached to it, and how it can be used in different kinds of projects. It ensures content is compact, small and easy to use which makes it faster to use in large projects. The EMCS is also matched to various BIM standards such as ETIM and VDI, to ensure content complies to leading European BIM standards.

Ready to order
In addition to enriching content with technical data, such as technical manuals, the content is also equipped with manufacturer-specific trade and product data. So besides all the technical parameters, also deeplink URLs to the manufacturer website are added, or GTIN numbers and in some cases even a connection to wholesaler databases. This way, MEP engineers can access details from their preferred supplier directly from the BIM model. This makes it easy to order products and get prices directly from the model, already in the design stage. This is the real added value of BIM, as engineers can access all the information they need directly from within the model, and information is used efficiently throughout the entire project.

Want to discover all content MEPcontent offers you? Browse our platform for content or downloads apps for MEP engineers from our store.

SANHA Ref HP system for SANHA Product Line Placer

The SANHA Ref HP system is ready to use in the SANHA Product Line Placer for Piping. The app works as an add-in for Revit. With the in-app auto routing functionality, drawing piping systems from the SANHA Ref HP system is fast and easy: the right fittings are added to your system automatically.

SANHA Ref HP fittings are ideally suited for pipes in refrigeration systems with a maximum operating pressure of up to 130 bar.

Download the app for free from the MEPcontent store.

Design fabrication ready Pegler Yorkshire piping systems in Revit

Are you working with Pegler Yorkshire piping systems in your MEP projects? You can now directly design piping systems in Revit for this leading UK manufacturer using the MEPcontent PLiP for Piping app. Multiple product ranges for this manufacturer have been added to the app, which can be downloaded from the MEPcontent store.

About the app
Drawing piping systems from leading manufacturers such as Geberit, Georg Fischer, Pegler Yorkshire, Rehau, SANHA, VSH, Viega and Wavin is done in a blink of the eye with the MEPcontent PLiP for piping app for Revit. With this app, engineers design piping systems at lightning speed while working with specific product data from their preferred suppliers. And always connected to the actual product databases in the cloud.

Fabrication ready families
The app allows engineers to go through the entire BIM workflow using only Revit. With the content in the app, users can create fabrication ready piping systems. Finally, 3rd party fabrication tools are no longer required, which will massively increase the engineering productivity.

BILT review – MEPcontent in Denmark

BILT, formerly known as the Revit Technology Conference (RTC), has been held in Aarhus Denmark from 5 to 7 October. A great event, which was very well organized by the BILT team, offered many interesting opportunities for RTC EUR Delegates. Opportunities to meet-up with industry peers, to learn more during the knowledge sessions, to visit our MEPcontent stand for an app demonstration at the exhibition venue and to get to know us better during one of the social events.

In case you missed this event, don’t worry.

A key innovation that was introduced at BILT were our apps for Revit. And there are still plenty of opportunities to learn more about them. You can still get in touch with the MEPcontent apps team via to schedule a demonstration for an app. You can also subscribe to our BIM Insights Sessions webinars to learn more about BIM, MEPcontent, trends and apps/plugins.

Save time and money with our new app
One app in particular gained a lot of interest during the exhibition. Did you know we have a tremendous time and money saver in the MEPcontent store?

Try our new Revit plugin for designing manufacturer specific piping systems! With the MEPcontent Product Line Placer (PLiP) app you can design piping systems from leading piping manufacturers in Revit in no time. The in-app autorouting functionality lets you draw piping systems in the blink of an eye: the right fittings, components and bends are added fast and automatically. The app is equipped with product data from manufacturers such as Geberit, Georg Fischer, Rehau, SANHA, Viega, VSH and Wavin. Your piping system is 100% reliable, both in the design and the realization stage. You get access to fabrication ready families and can draw and place piping systems (including all relevant components you use for pipework projects) in no-time.

Want to see how apps can help you work faster in Revit? How to get more out of the content you download from MEPcontent? Please go to and download the Plugins for Revit that will help you in your BIM projects.
October 2017

Join MEPcontent at Interclima + Elec

MEPcontent and Stabiplan will participate in the new edition of Interclima + Elec, the biggest trade fair for comfort and energy efficiency in France.

Visit our stand E.033 in Hall 2 at Interclima + Elec from November 7th to 10th and discover our software and data solutions for construction engineers in the fields of mechanics, electricity and plumbing (MEP engineers ). Our BIM experts are at your disposal: they will be able to present a live demo and answer all your questions about BIM content, Stabicad for Revit, applications for Revit etc.

You can get your free entry badge here.

Generic parking sign available

A generic parking sign is now available on MEPcontent. The Revit family can be downloaded directly.

The generic content that is available on the platform ensures easy access to multiple files you may just need in your Revit and AutoCAD projects. You can find all the generic content here.

ABB Remote Power Panel

Various parts of the Remote Power Panel from ABB are available as IFC, DWG and RFA files.

Choose your products and create the Remote Power Panel now in Revit and AutoCAD.